2018 - NF pre shearing 001

Silverstream Night Fever - NZ National Fleece Show, Black Fleece Champion 2016 + 2017

SS Night Fever 2nd fleece

Silverstream Night Fever (Imp) - 2nd Fleece. NZ National Fleece, Champion Black Fleece 2017

Amadeus Sash 2017 008

Crewenna Amadeus - BAS National Black Champion Male 2017

9.1.16 003

Crewenna Amadeus - 1st fleece

2018 - blaze 007

Blaze of Glory - sire by EP Dare Devil

Blaze of Glory - 2nd fleece

Blaze of Glory, 2nd fleece sample

2020  - Corinthian easter 017
Corinthian fleece October 16

Crewenna Corinthian - 1st fleece

Shadow Wood Night Moves of Crewenna

Shadow Wood Night Moves - true black suri

The seeds of the Crewenna herd are based on strong and proven genetics; our foundation females having been sired by many Champions. We endeavoured in the first three years to use outside matings to improve the herd and give us the potential to improve for many generations.  In 2017 we took the enormous step of importing males from New Zealand, progeny by Futura Humdinger and Silverstream Infinity and black suri males with Impressario in their pedigree.

We bred our own National Champion Black Male Amadeus and are looking forward to his first progeny in 2018.  

Having a selection of males with varying fleece traits, phenotypes and pedigrees, enables us to select the best combination for our females  -  we are pleased to be able to offer our males for outside matings so that other breeders can share that opportunity.

BIO-SECURITY   -  to protect our own males and your visiting females, we offer parking, paddocks, unloading, pens and matings pens on concrete away from the main farm and herd.  We offer isolation paddocks for females who might stay overnight or longer.  Our males were all voluntary tested in 2018, our whole herd has been tested in 2017 and 2018 using Enferplex 4 spot.  Sold alpacas have also been tested at the buyers request, all using Enferplex and no reactors have ever been found.

We carefully monitor our boundaries and gates, cattle grids on both main entrances and strict cleanliness of all pens and feeding areas help assure the health status of our herd.

NEW FOR 2022   -   CREWENNA BENTLEY AND CREWENNA FIRST PAST THE POST, (information re First Past the Post, sired by Silverstream Night Fever of CWN, to be released soon; a fawn who could bring outstanding genetics to any breeder of colour).


selected a beautiful grey female Inca Isabel who arrived to us pregnant by newly imported EPC Gunsmith, himself sired by Wyterrica Propaganda.  The result of this mating is our grey Bentley. Bentley is half brother via Gunsmith to double National Grey Champion Male and other champions.  His dam Isabel, (Cedar House Long John) won championships on halter and fleece, culminating in 2021 National Grey Champion Reserve Fleece, scoring over 80 points during the qualifying championships....exceptional for a grey adult female;  Bentley, like his dam, has won championships on halter and fleece.

Bentley started work in his 4th year and his first progeny are both solid colours, a black daughter and silver grey son, who both have inherited his fine, high frequency/low amplitude fleece style on a perfect, balanced frame.  It is the quality of his progeny, his and his dam's show awards, his genotype and phenotype which has elevated him to our stud male listings.

Any black or grey breeder could consider Bentley in their breeding programme.

Bentley's awards:

Yorkshire Fleece Show2021 Huacaya Grey Fleece 48-72 Months 2nd

Cornish Fleece Show2021 Huacaya Grey Fleece 48-72 Months 1st

Winter Fleece Show2020 Huacaya Grey Fleece 24-48 Months 2nd

Northern Fleece Show2020 Champion Grey Huacaya Fleece Huacaya Grey Fleece 24-48 Months 1st

CCA Halter Show 2018  -  Champion Grey huacaya

DRIVE BY FEE:   £400


Born and bred here, Amadeus is a bay black son of Lillyfield Jack of Spades and Inca Garnier (sire Popham Thunder).  From the day he was born I knew he was special and he has more than fulfilled all the hopes we had.  As an intermediate he is unbeaten, he was shown 4 times, 4 first places, 4 Champion placings including BAS National Show Black Champion Male 2017.  Judged on the day by Peter Kennedy (Canchones, Australia) and Nick Harrington-Smith (Alpaca Evolution, UK) their comments testify the 'complete package' that this male represents.  

Amadeus' first progeny have won placing at National Show 2019, junior black class and Reserve Champion Black Male and Female at CCA Halter Show 2019.

Fabulous density, uniformity of micron and colour, good length of staple, stunning handle and lustrous brightness on a perfect frame  -  deep chest, strong hind quarters and great spring of rib, it is the overall combination of attributes that placed Amadeus unanimously above the rest, by both Judges as Champion at Telford 2017.  The consistent comment by Judges as a Junior, Intermediate and Adult is that Amadeus has a fantastic phenotype, that represents a breed type to be desired.

Temperament plays an important part of our breeding - Amadeus has a gentle, solid nature, easy to handle, mixes with other males without issues.  He developed early at every stage, his first progeny were born in 2018, of 6 born 5 were black, 4 female.

Fleece stats: 

1st fleece:  18.9    SD  3.9    99.9%     115mm

2nd fleece:  20.1   SD4.2    97.9%     130mm

2016/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Junior Male - Black 2nd

2016 CCA Halter Show, Blk Junior Male 1st and CHAMPION BLACK MALE

2016/08North Devon HalterHuacaya Intermediate Male - Bl 1st

2016/08North Devon HalterHuacaya Champion Black Male CHAMPION

2016/08North Devon Fleece ShowHuacaya Black Fleece 6-12 Mont 1st CHAMPION BLACK FLEECE

2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Intermediate Male - Bl1st

2017/03National Halter ShowHuacaya Champion Black Male CHAMPION

2018 CCA Halter Show Blk Intermediate Male 1st and Champion Black Male

2017/05Devon County(529) Huacaya Intermediate Mal1st

2017/05Devon CountyHuacaya Champion Black Male CHAMPION

2018/03National Fleece Show 2018Huacaya Black Fleece 12-24 Mon2nd

2018 CCA Halter Show Adult Black Male 1st and CHAMPION BLACK

2019 CCA Halter Show Adult Black Male  1st, CHAMPION BLACK MALE AND JUDGE'S CHOICE

2020  Cornwall Fleece Show 1st 48+ Months Black Fleece and CHAMPION BLACK FLEECE



DOB  25 May 2016

Sired by :  EPC Dare Devil

Dam: EPC Evian

3rd Fleece 2019  -  18.4mic  3.6sd  99.7%cf

A strong well boned white male who has a genotype to die for....please see dam and sires genetics below.  Blaze is enriched with the elite genetics that people seek in top class breeding.


At the BAS National Show 2017, he was placed 4th in a tough split junior white male class, the male who came first was Bozedown Blaze of Glory who in 2018 was Champion white male and very narrowly missed Supreme.  At Three Counties Fleece Show , his junior white male was placed 1st, beating the Supreme at Devon County in 2016...no mean achievement.

Blaze offers tremendous density, fineness, beautiful bundling with handle and uniformity.  He has correct conformation and moves evenly. He has a true to type head style.  His temperament is gentle, he is easy to handle and work with.

When we were offered the pick of the EPC studs to put over Evian, Dare Devil was at the top of my list as he is one of EPC elite males, rarely released for matings outside  -  we were fortunate to secure the mating.

Evian is a bundle of genetic power. She has a fine soft handling fleece with high amplitude crimp throughout the saddle, she has extremely low amounts of guard hair. She has excellent coverage and is a very feminine female in stature, she exudes elegance. 
Her sire Defiant is sired by EP Cambridge Spartacus whose most notable offspring here in the UK is Cambridge Navigator..
Defiant exhibits an advanced fleece style with excellent ampitude, super density that keeps out foreign matter ensuring his fleece is stunningly bright when opened. He grows a superb fleece length and has consistency right down into his extremities.
EP Cambridge Daredevil ET,  undoubtedly has the most in depth pedigree of any alpaca brought to the UK by EPC. He is sired by EP Cambridge The Edge who in turn is sired by Commisario and to top it off he has the great grand sires of Conquistador and Ruffo. On his dam's side EP Cambridge Illustrious is sired by Ruffo therefore he will stay fine due to the double cross of Ruffo on both sides of his pedigree. He has the density of Commisario and Conquistador, what more could you want.

Daredevil's full brother EP Cambridge Risktaker ET is dominating the Australian show circuit in his age group. Illustrious was a multiple show winner throughout Australia including a number of National Champion ribbons. Daredevil is a special male, producing stunning, dense, advanced fleece styles that are seen throughout his family lineage. His super fine fleece his wonderful and luxurious to handle, it is easy to see where Blaze has inherited his own handling quality.



Black Suri Male 

DOB                               26/03/2016

SIRE                               CANCHONES BRAVIO


1st fleece results:  19.6 mic, 5.2 SD, 96.4

2nd fleece, Aug 2017   23.5 sd 5.6 96% 155mm

True black suri male, imported from New Zealand in 2017 who started work in 2018, first cria this summer.  An exciting new suri male, whose paternal grandsire is the super black sire Canchones Impressario, now standing at Serialars, Australia.  Night Moves brings this dynamic new genetic line, fineness, density in true black.  We are looking forward to seeing the first progeny this summer.

2020 - Champion Black Suri Fleece at BAS Cornwall Fleece Show.

Drive by fee:   £500


Black Huacaya Male - exclusively owned by Crewenna Alpacas

DOB                            08/12/2014

SIRE                           SILVERSTREAM INFINITY

DAM                           BLUE GRASS ELLE DORADO


1st fleece  2016  -  18.9mic  3.6SD  19.2CV 100%CF    

4th fleece  2019  - 21.2mic   3.7sd  17.7cv   97.7%CF 


Night Fever is the result from some of the prestigious Silverstream Stud best breeding lines. His fleece is extremely uniform, his sd has barely changed in his first five years.  Undoubtedly his fleece show results over 3 age groups, are testimony to the qualities this male has, winning National Fleece Championships across 2 hemispheres at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels is an accolade few have achieved, let alone a black. 

His sire Silverstream Infinity was a multiple Supreme Champion and has sired Supreme winners. His sire was one of the most respected coloured males in New Zealand, he was one of those males that just commands your attention. He pumped out a huge fleece and has gorgeous teddy bear looks.  
Night Fever's dam Blue Grass Elle Dorado has produced some outstanding progeny in over 10 years at Silverstream. She is the daughter of a female, considered by some to be the best dam to have been imported to Australia, Purrembeti Elle Dorado....  Sadly both Night Fevers' parents are no longer with us, so this black male is unique, a valuable bundle of genetics for black breeding. 


Night Fever's awards in New Zealand.

2015 National Show - 1st Junior Black Male and Champion Black Male

2015 Ellesmere - 1st Junior Black Male & Champion Black Male

2015 Rangiora - 1st Junior Black Male

2015 Ashburton - 1st Junior Black Male

2015 Canterbury - 1st Junior Black Male

2016 National Show - 1st Junior Black Fleece & Champion Black Fleece

2017 National Show - 1st Intermediate Black Fleece & Champion Black Fleece

Night Fever's awards in GB,  2019/20


Qualifying awards:

2019 Three Counties Fleece Show Huacaya Black Fleece 48-72     1st

2019 Three Counties Fleece Show   Champion Black Huacaya Fleece R

2019 Eastern Region Fleece Show Huacaya Black Fleece 48-72     1st

2019 Eastern Region Fleece Show  Champion Black Huacaya Fleece

2019 Somerset Fleece Show Huacaya Black Fleece 48+    2nd

2019 Somerset Fleece Show Best Black Huacaya Fleece R

Night Fever grows a long staple that has good structure, uniformity and a very soft handle.  He has great substance of bone, his frame is beautifully proportioned and he moves well. Most importantly, there was no mention of colour contamination through his fleece in any of the shows he attended.  We studied phenotype and genotype across the world, to find a black male which will compliment the outstanding traits of our own bred Crewenna Amadeus (BAS National Show Champion Black Male 2017 and other Champion titles) in our future black huacaya breeding programme....we believe we have an exceptional male in Night Fever who arrived in the UK in August 2017. 

He has produced black progeny from black and brown dams, a single fawn progeny from a light dam, so he consistently darkens his progeny, all have his head and fleece style, this male is pre potent.



DOB 28 June 2016

New genetics for Cornwall.....Corinthian sired by EP Golden Age (Windsong Valley Firedragon), dam Fowberry Regal Lily, sired by EPC Top Account.

A light huacaya male from elite Fowberry genetics.  His sire is EP Golden Age, a son of Windsong Valley Fire Dragon who I admired as soon as he entered the UK, he is producing progeny from dams of all colours, black progeny from black dams.  Corinthian's dam is Fowberry Regal Lily, a stella white female who is full sister to the multi Champion Fowberry Nobility, Lily has her own Champion sashes to her name, notably Champion White Female at Futurity and NWAG 2013  -  it does not get much better. 

Corinthian has inherited the qualities of both his parents, a ultra fine, advanced style fleece, low in primaries, dense with outstanding coverage and the softest handle on a compact frame.  This combination earned him a very close 2nd place in a large split class of 13 at BAS National Show 2017, Judges pulled both boys forward to be examined closely together, Corinthian was just pipped, behind Beck Brow Hey Now who went forward to win Reserve Champion White Male. Placed 1st at the Cornwall Halter Show 2018 as in intermediate, on fineness, density but ultimately it was the finer primaries which earned him the 1st place. For phenotype and genotype Corinthian ticks every box and will add valuable qualities to any coloured breeding programme.

2020  -  Corinthian's progeny have started to arrive and are surpassing expectations, he is passing on all his traits on strong well boned cria.

2019 - 3rd fleece stats:  17.9  sd 3.6  99.8%  110.mm




Discounts  apply, which can be rolled forward to next season:

Quantity              Discount

2                             10%

3-6                          15%

7+                           20%


We offer a completely bio-secure mating area/pens for visiting females, no contact with our main herd.  We can offer to have females for matings and to stay in one of our isolation paddocks for 42 days from mating, be scanned positive and then collected, thus ensuring a successful mating.  If this option is of interest please enquire soon as there are limited number of weeks we can offer this.

MOBILE MATINGS:   We offer mobile matings for selected males only, these will at an additional charge of £200 per sire, plus 50p per mile beyond 10 miles radius of TR14 post code.  This service is by agreement only and must be booked in advance.

Discounts also apply, which can be rolled forward to next season:


Quantity              Discount

2                             10%

3-6                          15%

7+                           20%

The mobile charge includes two visits by the male.  If further visits are required additional mileage costs will be charged. 

We would also recommend the female be checked by a vet/or an alternative female put forward.

Invoices will be raised when service/s is/are agreed and booked, 50% payment is due before the first service is made, the balance when pregnancy is confirmed.  All prices are exclusive of V.A.T. 20%