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It is impossible for any farm to be totally ‘biosecure’, all that is achievable is best effort, a clean environment and raised awareness regarding nutrition, parasitic control, vaccination regimes bio security against infectious diseases such as bTB, BVD, Johnes Disease. Hygiene and welfare are paramount here.

Jan/Feb 2017 and June 2018  -  we had a WHOLE herd test for bTB, using the Enferflex blood test with skin test primer.  Every alpaca passed ALL CLEAR, so we feel proud to say our herd is clean of bTB.  Our males used for outside matings are also voluntary tested using the Enferplex test.


  • Each paddock is stock fenced and top wired, double level electric fencing is used around the paddocks.  All gates and fences are checked weekly.

  • When entering fields, everyone has to walk through a footbath which is regularly pressure washed and replenished with approved disinfectant.

  • Each field has a ‘nite eyes’ fitted – this solar powered  gadget deters foxes and badgers.

  • Feeding mangers and troughs are raised in all the fields and shelters, the drinking troughs are washed every other day and pressure washed regularly. The feeding buckets and mangers are colour coded so they do not get muddled (pink/purple for the girls, blue/red for the boys). Fresh water is checked and replenished daily –  water comes from our own well.

  • Halters and lead reins are regularly cleaned after use, as is our Ifor Williams horse box, cleaned and disinfected after each outing and we only attend shows that operate health controls and offer facilities for the comfort and well-being of the alpacas. 

  • Paddocks are cleaned daily, removing all midderns to a downhill area  away from  paddocks.  This helps to prevent the spread of worms or disease.

  • All alpacas are on our health programme of vaccinations and husbandry, up-to-date records are kept.  Vitamin supplements are fed, the alpacas are visited three times daily (morning, afternoon and lock up) for changes or any signs of illness, they are close inspected weekly when they are checked for signs of mites, oral health or injury

  • Stud Services  – with outside females, matings will be undertaken in separate paddocks which are never used by our alpacas.  Our own matings are undertaken with our in house stud males or we use stud males from select herds which operate the same level of or better bio-security.

  • Our farm is open to visitors by appointment only.  All our fields are locked and only accessible through the yard.  Parking is away from the paddocks.


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