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Bentley and Isabel Feece 2017 017
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We have a small selection of wonderfully fine fleeces available for sale in various colours for hand-spinners. Pricing varies according to quality (starting from £30.00 +VAT), all our fleeces are below 23 micron, high percentage comfort factor, our customers have been very impressed and were happy to wait until the shearing and fleece testing results came back, they all left buying more than they had planned and have asked to be kept informed when next years fleeces will be ready.  We have a number of premier white 1st fleece available with beautiful crimp and brightness, with lustrious handle. I am happy to take reservations, please leave your details through our contact page. These are perfect for spinning ready for knitting.  The bags of 2nd grade are perfect for spinning, felting and carding and a large bag is reasonably priced.


Alpaca wool is lanolin free and "hypo-allergenic"; people with allergies to sheep's wool can wear this product and it is particularly suitable for young children and babies. Our wool is a specialist, luxurious product, very, very soft and lustrous, annually after shearing we will take our bales of fleece where the fibre will be washed, combed, worsted and spun. The colours you see are the natural colour, there is no dying process at all and we pay a premium for the wool worsted so all the hair has been laid one way, this ensures there is no "prickle" for the ultimate comfort against your skin and therefore very soft.


Small bags of second cuts available for weaving or felting or small animal bedding 100g +.  This is entirely natural so there might be some small pieces of organic matter but I have done my best to pick the fleece without interfering with the crimp etc. (100g bag -- £5.00 inc.VAT).

The fleece has been carefully sorted into two grades, Grade A being the best quality from the saddle area of the alpaca and Grade B, from the neck and top of the legs (the Suri fleece is usually of a more uniform quality and mostly it is Grade A). Both grades of fleece equally have their uses for processing.


We currently sell our raw fleece (not 1st fleeces) at: Grade A - £15.00 per Kg, Grade B - £7.50  per Kg  


Our sales page is coming soon but pre-orders can be made at any time.


All prices are exclusive of post+packing at Royal Mail standard parcel rate.




100% Pure Cornish Alpaca fleece from the Crewenna Herd -  Luxury Alpaca Yarn. All of our alpaca wool comes from the alpacas here on our farm. Created from a blend of white and fawn fibre to produce a natural, non-dyed 'champagne', some grey thru rich brown to black yarn. Yarn is available in Double Knit 50g balls and Aran 100g skeins.

It is beautifully warm, soft and silky, and has a sheen that makes it perfect for a baby to wear against their skin or anyone else!


More news on this to come.



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