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"Pura Vida"

"Pure Life" the philosopy that: simplicity in life is purity. 

Pura Vida is a phrase adopted by the Costa Ricans but is felt throughout the whole of Latin America, it also represents our philosophy here on the farm. As our inspiration for farming came from Allen's travels in South America (some pictures above) we believe that a simple life is a wholesome life. Sometimes life on the farm isn't always full of sunshine and alpacas in paddling pools! It gets tough in the winter, and as you know even the spring, autumn and summer can be sure to provide challenging conditions. 


Alpaca farming is not something that should be done for glamour, money or fame. It is a way of life that can be rewarding, if you put the work in. 


We are so proud of the work that we do here on the farm, since day one we have tried to be self-sufficient, building an ethical and sustainable business. From our carefully selected starter herd, we have developed the Crewenna herd: Alpacas with consistent fleece quality throughout and solid stature. We shear our own animals, skirt our own fleece, this gets spun at a local mill (the only time the fleece leaves the farm), when it returns some is sold to regular customers and the rest is used by myself whilst sat beside the fire on quiet evenings. I hand knit an array of products including hats, gloves, scarves, baby clothes and cushions. I have been accumulating these for the past few years and the collection is soon to be released for sale, solely through this site and our stalls at the county shows.


Allen has spent a lot of time traveling South America, speaking Spanish he has sought out the highest quality products from legitimate sources, not large companies who exploit locals and their resources. He has seen Camelids of all varieties living in their natural habitats across the continent from the top of Vulcan Quilatoa in Ecuador to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. He has many stories about how they live and are relied upon throughout the continent to sustain the local communities. "They really are wonderful creatures, not only is their presence so enlightening but the thought that many centuries of alpaca farming has contributed to the existence of a whole continent is truly incredible"


In the UK and across the western world, alpaca farming is considered a modern trend but let us not forget that these beautiful animals have been sustaining villages, towns and even cities for hundreds if not thousands of years before us. Their sustainability and versatility has maintained them as valuable sources of fibre and meat for generations before us. We are so lucky to be a part of this industry in the modern world and we treasure our animals and their fibre as much as the indigenous of South America do, and have done for so long.




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